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A good life.
With good people.

For my sake.



In the countryside, in the village, in the mountains. Vacations in a good way. Where Styria, where Salzburg is supposedly the most beautiful. Ramsau, Haus, Maria Alm, Weißenbach.

Maria Alm
Haus im Ennstal 
 Ramsau am Dachstein


Haus im Ennstal.  The statistics say: "The most beautiful village in Europe". The heart means: "I'll stay there because the country and the people are right. Because it's only a stone's throw to the cable car? Because it's even quieter than its big neighbor to the west? Because little things are not made a big fuss of and good times are simply lived. In casual apartments. Just really good for you.

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Weißenbach. Bei Haus. Never heard of it. Schladming sounds different. Kitzbühel especially. Quite an underdog. But how about some insider tips? With places that smell of nature, with people who still say ''Griasdi'' from the heart, because it's normal? What especially pleases the people from the city, who like to look for the far away here. Exactly there, we were allowed to build something special. A beauty in the middle of the village. With apartments just really good for you.

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Ramsau am Dachstein. At the Dachstein. Under the Dachstein. So much revolves around this majesty. We also love the slipstream. Maybe even especially. Our eyes roam over the soothing high plateau. So much green. So much white. So little speed. So much land. So many horses, good-humored people. A place for sentient people. To whom we want to grant a special place to stay. With our chalets and apartments. Just really good for you.


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Maria Alm.  The popular saying goes: "On September 8th, the day of the birth of Mary, the swallows fly again away.'' When our Maria, whose last name is "Alm", has her birthday, unfortunately we do not know. But to be honest, it's not that important. We prefer to take care of the really nice things. About you. For our sleek apartments. In which you will spend good times in a good location. That's not what the people say, but what we say.


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