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Become a Haus mate.

Apart33 to fall in love with. Here and now. 

Haus im Ennstal.

Most beautiful village in Europe. Says the jury.
Village with wonderful apartments.
Says the guests. Village with the dearest people. Says us.
We would like to make you a real Haus mate.
With our apartments in good locations for good times.

For your sake.

Six different ways to stay. 
For two. For four.
For six. For eight.
All different. All special.
All the same.

This equipment is available for all apartments.

Just good for you.
  • Schladming Dachstein Sommer Card
  • Boxspring beds
  • Private sauna -
    No sauna at - Das Natürliche
  • Free parking space
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Fitness room
  • Underground garage, carport or outdoor parking spaces
  • Ski storage room
  • Free e-charging station
  • Reception - Not in the room but still there
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Toaster
  • Coffee maker & kettle
  • Hairdryer
  • Towels & bed linen
  • Toilet paper 
  • Rubbish bags
  • Elevator
  • Salt, sugar & pepper
  • Coffee & tea for the first morning

Das Kuschlige 

For two of you.

50 m²
Perfect for two. Or four.
Private sauna.
For sunny-side connoisseurs.
For lovers.
For the needed time-out.
For home office out of home.

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Das Natürliche

For four of you.

64 m²
Perfect for four. Or six.
Really spacious. 
Sometimes downstairs & sometimes upstairs.
Sometimes with garden. 
Sometimes with a large balcony.

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Das mit Sauna

For four of you.

64 m²  
Perfect for four. Or six.
It' getting hot in here. In your private sauna.
Balcony, terrace or garden - your choice.
We're happy to do it. For your sake.

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Das ganz Oben 

For four of you.

64 m²
Perfect for four. Or six.
In the attic.
With an almost all-round balcony.
View of the Dachstein mountains. 

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The View

For four of you.

96 m²
Perfect for four. Or six.
Nice, big living. Two storeys.
Space for the yoga mat.
Indoor sauna house.
Evening sun. Five metre room height. 

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Die AAHH - Klasse

For six of you.

173 m²
Perfect for six. Or eight.
For a little luxury & a lot of love.
With pool table on the second floor.
Finnish sauna and bubble bath.
Perfect star-viewing balcony.
With old wood that could tell stories.
Six metre ceiling height.
At the top. 
Mountain air included.
The one and only.

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