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Haus mates get more out of the holiday. 


Bake - bake fresh rolls.
Delivered fresh daily to your bread boxes.
From the baker of the region. Heinz Lasser is pleased.
Fresh beer in your own flat?
Is that possible? It is. Your own beer dispenser with a 8 litre
(approx. 24 small beers) filling. Great fun. We've already tested it ourselves.
Forgotten to shop?
Happens to everyone. It's not everywhere the case that supermarkets are closed on Sundays.
That's why we stock up your fridge before you arrive.
Breakfast is also available à la carte
At the bakery Zu.Haus. It's right next to our  reception.
For those who prefer to have breakfast in their room, we can also serve it upstairs. 


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A small part of what we offer. 
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