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House rules for a good atmosphere

We ask you to read through these rules briefly and to follow them. For our sake. For the sake of our neighbours. For the sake of the other guests.

  • In all areas of the building we ask you to walk on a leash - or your humans, you can arrange it internally. This also applies at the parking lot and on the terraces of the apartments. In Chalet Village we also ask you to walk on a leash in the courtyard. So that none of our other four-legged or two-legged friends need be afraid.
  • Please remove dog poop, you are welcome to throw the "Sackl" then in the residual waste container in the garbage room.
  • Please do not let us mark against house walls, pillars or balcony railings.
  • We are not allowed to sleep in the bed. But next to it, in front of it or behind it. Bed & sofa are reserved for the bipeds. For the sake of our cleaning ladies and the next guests.
  • No dogs on the couch - The fabric of the couch is easily damaged. If we find that there are scratches in the fabric, we will have to have the entire couch reupholstered and charge it to your owners.
  • If you sleep in the bed or on the sofa, we reserve the right to charge € 100.00 for the increased cleaning effort.
  • We dogs want to be on the road with you and discover the region. However, if we are not able to come with you, the reception team will be happy to organize a dog sitter. Please do not leave us alone in the apartment all day.
  • We dogs are welcome in the café Zu.Haus, but please choose a place for us where the café girls won't trip over us.

Leahes off!

In the dog park your dog can really let off steam. Play ball, make new dog friends or just sniff to their heart's content. You can reach the dog park on foot from Apart33 and SunApart in about 10-15 minutes - We outlined the way to the dog park for you. Saves us long explanations. ?

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