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Good to know

Good for streets, but not for your dog

In order to arrive safely at our house by car, the roads are regularly sprinkled with road salt. Salt on gritted paths not only hurts your four-legged friend's paws, but once he licks the salt, it can also cause diarrhea and vomiting. If such paths cannot be avoided, wash your dog's paws with warm water after the hike. Just in case your first-aid kit should contain a remedy against diarrhea.

For your walk with your dog

When you walk on snowy paths, you should make sure, that the snow does not stick to the paws and that no ice clumps form between the paws. The best way to prevent it is to cream the dog's paws with Vaseline, milking grease or deer horn cream before the walk or use a special paw protection spray.

While walking, make sure that you and your dog are clearly visible to all road users. In the evening, for example, luminous collars or high-visibility vests for dogs are suitable for this purpose.

You should also remove your dog's droppings when you are on vacation. So remember to always have a bag or poop bag ready.


What not to do

We do not recommend going on a sleigh ride with your dog. The dog should never be attached to the sledge, otherwise you will drive over your four-legged friends paws.
Dogs are not allowed on the cross-country trails! In Ramsau am Dachstein, however, there is a separate walking path next to the cross-country ski trail, on which dogs are allowed. Here, however, you have to take your dog on a leash.


Forgot something?

You forgot something at home? At “Baufreund - Baumarkt Schladming” you will find everything that makes your pet happy in the pet department. From muzzles to toys and food, there is everything you need for your furry friend.

Leash- and muzzle obligation on bus and dog prices:

Planai Bus / Ramsauer Verkehrsbetriebe:

Dogs must be kept on a leash and muzzled on all Planai buses! A muzzle can be purchased on the bus for € 8.00. Small dogs that can sit on the passenger's lap are transported for free charge. For larger dogs, the price of the dog is calculated from 50% of the normal price. Assistance and guide dogs travel for free.
You can read under the following link where you have to take your dog on a leash and here it has to wear a muzzle on cable cars:


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