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Hiking Schladming-Dachstein

Hike to the natural jewel Duisitzkarsee

with stop at the Fahrlechhütte

This hike takes you to a special spot and one of the most popular photo spots in Styria - the Duisitzkarsee in the Obertal.

The starting point is the Eschachalm in the Obertal. From there, the trail leads mostly through the forest in the direction of Duisitzkarsee. At the beginning, the trail climbs quite steeply past the waterfall of the Duisitzkarbach stream through the high forest. After about 45 minutes, you reach the Saghütten.
After a short rest, the trail continues - now somewhat less steep - along the hiking trail over the Kesslerboden. Above the Kesslerboden the path becomes steeper again. After a few serpentines through the forest, you will reach the Duisitzkarsee lake with the Duisitzkarsee hut and the Fahrlech hut after another 30 minutes.
In total, you should plan on about 1-1 ½ hours of walking time for the ascent.

When you arrive at your destination, you will already see the Fahrlechhütte with its inviting lake terrace. The very brave dare to jump into the cool water here to cool off after the ascent. Typical for a mountain lake, it remains refreshingly cool even in the warm summer months.
The children can let off steam at the playground, splash around in the lake or watch the many animals such as rabbits, horses or goats and, with a bit of luck, even pet them.

Of course you deserve a refreshment after the hike. Whether it's a cold snack, soup or hot food - with the large selection of dishes and drinks, there's sure to be something for you. From roast pork to Styrian cheese dumplings and homemade cakes, the hosts will spoil you with many regional specialties.
Every single dish is freshly cooked - from the products of their own farm and according to old family recipes. The menu also includes vegan dishes and all dishes can be prepared gluten-free.
A very special highlight is the Blackberryschmarren, a classic Kaiserschmarren refined with blackberries and cinnamon-sugar, which is probably only available in this form at the Fahrlechhütte and whose recipe is never 100% revealed.

No matter if it is spring, summer or autumn - we can recommend a walk around the lake at any time of the year. From the inner shore of the lake, you have another beautiful view of the huts and can cool your feet again in the stream before heading back down into the valley.
The way back to the starting point can be done via the same path, but it is easier and less arduous to go down via the forest path.

On the way back to Rohrmoos you will pass the Wehrhofalm in the Obertal. Here you can look forward to a sun terrace and a cuisine with a sense of tradition and regionality, as well as herb-rich food.
Even if you have decided to take the hiking bus, a stop at the Wehrhofalm is possible, because there is a bus stop directly in front of the alp.

Note: In the rear Obertal (from Eschachalm) is a ban on entering with dogs on the part of the landowners, which is strictly controlled. Therefore, this hike with dog is not possible.

Arrival: From Schladming via the Rohrmooser Landesstraße to the roundabout in Rohrmoos. From there continue in the direction of Untertal/Obertal and in Untertal-Dorf turn right into Obertal until you reach the Eschachalm.
In high season, we recommend taking the hiking bus to the Eschachalm, as there is only a small parking lot at the starting point. The journey with the hiking bus is free of charge with the Schladming-Dachstein-Sommercard.


Caribbean feeling in the middle of the Alps
Styrian culinary delights included

"It is extremely beautiful, and I could not get enough of it. The peace in the great nature has the highest charm and I confess it, here I would like to spend every summer a fortnight in solitude." - Archduke John of Austria (1782-1859)

The Seekarlsee

An absolute insider tip in the middle of the Styrian Alps in the Sölkäler Nature Park. The Seekarlsee with its turquoise coloring, gives you that vacation feeling and takes your breath away. Far away from mass tourism, a lonely hiking trail to decelerate. Fresh mountain air and crystal clear water embedded in the untouched nature of the Sölktäler. Finally, peace and quiet, here time seems to stand still. Embark on a journey back in time to days long past. The Seekarlsee probably owes its color to the ice-age rock flour of the Sölker marble, which is found here in abundance. This is exported all over the world and mined in Kleinsölk. This already catches the eye on the way through the Kleinsölk, the Sölker marble is omnipresent here.

Also the culinary after the covered 1,000 meters of altitude does not come too short. At the Köckhütte, guests are spoiled with original Ennstaler Steirerkrapfen and also the famous Ennstaler Steirerkas. These are traditionally eaten with sauerkraut and potatoes. Made from rye flour, the original "poor people's food" is today a delicacy, which you can enjoy on selected alpine pastures. Dairymaid Viktoria prepares these with much love and lives the alpine life. The summers are spent with the whole family on the Alm, a full-blooded dairywoman who is happy to spoil her guests. Styrian hospitality is capitalized here. We recommend a quick call to the Köckhütte to enjoy the unique regional doughnuts.


From the Ennstal federal road B320 at Pruggern (from the west) or Espang (east) branch off to the Sölktälern. In Stein a.d. Enns into the Kleinsölktal. At the Kesslerkreuz turn left and continue to the parking lot Tuchmoar . Park directly at the barrier.

Tour description:

From the Tuchmoar parking lot, follow trail no. 790 along the forest road towards the Tuchmoaralm, past the huts and then follow the markings to the left towards the Seekarlscharte. Follow the path through a high forest. In serpentines, the path leads over a steep step. In the area of the timberline, the terrain becomes somewhat flatter and leads directly to the turquoise-colored Seekarlsee at 2,140 m above sea level.


Distance: 10.5 km | Duration: 6:30 h | Ascent: 1000 m | Descent: 1000 m


The Sölktäker Nature Park asks its visitors to be mindful of the uniqueness of this landscape. Please bring the garbage down to the valley and do not go into the water. Otherwise, churning will cause distinct dark discolorations at the bottom of the lake.

Hike through the Silberkar gorge

in Ramsau am Dachstein

The Silberkarklamm in Ramsau is a romantic wildwater gorge in the heart of the Dachstein massif. The roaring torrent, the rugged rock faces and the alpine flowers along the way make this hike something special. The tour is also well suited for families and can be done well on hot summer days as well as in not so nice weather. In addition to hikers, climbing enthusiasts are also drawn to the Silberkarklamm gorge, as the Rosina, Siega and Hias via ferratas begin here.

The starting point for the Silberkarklamm is the parking lot above the Lodenwalke in Ramsau's Rössing district. From there you walk along the Silberkarbach to the entrance of the gorge. After about 30 minutes walking time, you reach the end of the gorge. After a further 20 minutes walk you reach the Silberkarhütte at 1250 m above sea level. The refuge invites you to stop for a bite to eat with organic products from its own farm and offers a fantastic view from the sun terrace.

You can return via the same path or via the Heinrich-Pilz Höhenweg. In this variant, you go to the left of the hut via a path along the slope. You reach a beautiful vantage point and then have to go downhill via a narrow and steep root path through the forest until you reach a crossroads. From there, turn left back to the entrance of the gorge.

But if you still haven't had enough, you can hike further up and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

Insider tip: If you are lucky and look very closely, you might even see the ibexes making themselves comfortable on the warm rocks.

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