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Vacation with the fur nose

Tips for outings with your dog in the Schladming-Dachstein Region

Dogs are welcome in our apartments - the dog-friendly team of Apart4you is always happy to welcome your furry friends.
And one thing we can promise you: Your dogs will certainly not get bored in our region!

Walks directly from the apartment house or hotel, long hikes for the sporty four-legged friends or cooling opportunities for hot summer days - there's something for every dog-human team.
We would like to recommend you a longer hike as well as a shorter round with possibilities for bathing or cooling off your paws.
Please note that there is a leash or muzzle obligation in the entire region!

Cooling off round along the Kneipp facility in Weißenbach bei Haus

Our dogs love to cool off after a long hike or on a warm summer day. While some throw themselves right into the cool water and don't want to come out, others prefer to cool off just the tips of their paws in the little stream.

On this round, all dogs get their money's worth. Around the Kneipp facility, there are many streams and a larger brook in which the four-legged friends can play and cool off. And also the owners can cool down here, because the Kneipp facility can be used daily free of charge during the summer months.
Note: The Kneipp facility itself is not usable for dogs, here the four-legged friends have to wait until their humans have cooled down and the fun can continue for them at the next little stream.

The entire area around the Kneipp facility is located in the forest and therefore nice and shady in the summer and pleasantly cool for walking.
Please note that you have to keep your dog on a leash or muzzle! So that you can still offer your dog enough free space for swimming or romping, we recommend that you take a tow or flexi leash with you.

Arrival: Coming from Schladming and Liezen, follow the Ennstalbundesstraße (B320) to the Haus im Ennstal turnoff. Then continue to Weißenbach. From the village square in Weißenbach, an asphalt road leads to the left past the village chapel in the direction of Sonnberg. At the junction Sonnberg-Aich there is a free parking lot. From there, follow the signposted trail through the forest to the Kneipp facility.

Hike from the Hochwurzen over the Rossfeld on the Guschen

Being out in nature with their humans is probably the most beautiful thing for our dogs. All sports-loving four-legged friends will get their money's worth on this hike.
This is a moderately difficult hike. We would like to point out that this hike is not possible with all dogs. Old dogs that are not so fit anymore, young dogs that should not go so far or dogs that simply do not have the appropriate stamina, we would not take along on this hike.

This hike starts with the ascent of the Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen. With the Schladming-Dachstein-Sommercard the ascent and descent with the gondola is free of charge.
For the dog, you can buy a ticket for the gondola ride at the ticket office for € 4.00. Since muzzling is mandatory in the gondola, we recommend that you take it with you. Otherwise you can rent a muzzle at the ticket office for a fee.

During the ascent with the gondola you always have the Dachstein in view and can enjoy the breathtaking view of Rohrmoos and Schladming.

From the summit station of the Hochwurzen cable car, follow trail no. 60 over the "Kleine Wurzen" through the forest to the Hüttecksattel from where the trail climbs gradually to the long ridge of the Rossfeld. In about an hour you have reached the Rossfeld, from here it goes slightly downhill to the crossroads at the Latterfußsattel. Once there, the path climbs steadily again for about an hour to the summit of the Guschen - the highest point of this tour. Once you have reached the summit, you have a wonderful all-round view of the Dachstein massif and the Schladminger Tauern.

For the way back there are several options, but we recommend to go back the same way, because the other paths are difficult to walk with a dog. Once you have arrived at the starting point, the gondola will take you back to the valley.

For this hike you should expect a walking time of about 4 hours and you should be surefooted.
Good shoes, enough water (also for the dog) and sun protection are important here.

Arrival: Via the Rohrmoosstraße from Schladming to the Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen. Parking is available here free of charge.
Alternatively, you can also take the hiking bus to the Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen, the trip is free with the Schladming Dachstein Sommercard.

Dogs are welcome with us!
We will gladly provide two food bowls and a blanket upon arrival.

There are apartments that are suitable for dogs and those that we keep free of pet hair for guests with allergies. 
Therefore, we ask for your understanding that dogs can be brought only on request and availability.

So man and animal can be good together!
Thank you for the understanding!

Everything you need to know

For a vacation with dog Austria is already alone because of its scenic variety at each season a paradise for holiday-makers, who travel with their dog: There are forests, meadows, steep mountains, gentle hills, countless lakes, rivers and streams, snow in winter and bathing temperatures in summer.

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in every accommodation. There, where they are not only tolerated, but rather desired,
it is a more relaxed vacation for everyone.

In the region Schladming Dachstein and in some of our apartments dogs are very welcome. If you wish, a dog blanket, water & food bowl and treats await you on your arrival.

A vacation with a dog is automatically connected with some preparations and in addition to your own suitcase you have to pack the "suitcase" of the dog. But what should you pack? Dogs are creatures of habit and love things they already know from home. We have put together a small list for you to make packing easier. :-)

Drinking bottle for the trip to the mountain
Transport basket
Address label with your contact details
Favourite toys
Sackerl for legacies
Chewing Bones
Brush and comb
Basket or blanket
dog towel
Medication if necessary
Treats in sufficient quantity

All our apartments are located in the green and the walkways are practically in front of the door. There are also some secret places
at the Enns, where your dog can cool his paws.

For the sporty human-dog teams there are beautiful paths that lead high up, kilometer long gorges,
almost untouched nature parks and mountain pastures that invite you to discover.

Speaking of herds of cows: You often meet them on hikes in Austria. In order not to provoke the basically peaceful alpine pasture inhabitants, don't go towards the cows, never try to stroke a calf, avoid them instead and move slowly. Dogs should stay very close to humans; cows often see them as a threat, especially when young animals are in the herd. If a cow or the whole herd is actually threatening the dog, you should lead it away and let it run away.

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